Flykten från ruskig höst

An Italian déjà vu in Sweden

Less than 50 kilometers from home...
Less than 50 kilometers from home…

Back home in Sweden. After two weeks with paperworks, unpacking the auto camper, getting the old apartment in order and finding the routines, we just wanted to get out again! So we did, and found a nice spot just kilometres from town…

Sweden greeted us with almost winter. But now we have almost summer. Today it was sunny and nearly 25 plus! And so it will be for a couple of days.

The camper has been at the workshop and is repaired, served and checked. So, with a ”new” car we left home in Örebro and drove 50 kilometres up in the Kilsbergen mountains and landed at a lake.

We let Panna, the dog, free. And we just relaxed in front of the water. And then it finally got time for preparing the outdoor dinner. It was not planned, but when we sit at the table we suddenly realised that this was an Italien dinner filled with memories from our journey:


Started with leftovers that we found in the car: gin and Martini.

Asparagus imported from Puglia.

Olives that we bought from a farmer on Gargano peninsula, Puglia.

White wine, Rocci, that we bought from the Coppola vineyard in Gallipoli, Puglia.

Chicken, tomatoes, salad and cheese topped with picante olive oil from our friend Pippo in Pozzallo, Sicily.

Espresso and a pour whisky – probably from a Lidl-store in Italy…

While we are eating, the wind stops, the lake becomes a mirror, the sun sets – and it is all so damn beautiful. Are we in Sweden? Just a few kilometres from home?

Yes, it is beautiful in Sweden – but we miss all the friends and people that we got to know during our 14140 kilometres, 7 months and 7 days long trip!

A view from our bedroom - good night to all of you!
A view from our bedroom – good night to all of you!

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